Active involvement with your child’s sport builds a strong and enduring shared experience. Community clubs thrive when parents get involved and there are many ways to create this long term benefit on and off the ice. For all offers of help please contact our Registrar and/or select your preferred option in the Player Registration process

Players will not have skated for 18months. Our programs for 2021-22 are designed to accommodate this long lapse. Ample time is allocated to “skate your player back to hockey”, designed to strengthen muscles and ankles and to rebuild lost skating skills putting Fun safely back on the ice.


The HOCKEY SEASON runs from Oct 16th to April 2nd with a winter break from December 20th-Jan 2nd. We play at Bayview Arena.

What is LEARN TO SKATE FOR HOCKEY? for 2021, LTS and LTP will play together

  • This 45m program, once a week, is for non-skating children under 7. Children wear full hockey equipment. All ice time is cross-ice.
  • Learn not to be scared of the ice; Learn to fall over and get up again
  • Learn to skate properly instead of trying to walk on the ice
  • Gain confidence in moving around and watching what else is going on
  • Spend some time with a hockey stick and puck to stop thinking about feet.

What is LEARN TO PLAY HOCKEY? for 2021, LTS and LTP will play together

  • Also 45m once a week, this program is for children 7 and under who can skate a little. All ice time is cross-ice.
  • Moving Forwards, Backwards and in Circles learn to move freely
  • Play chasing games with balls and flags. Tag the Coach is popular, and just watch them fly when it’s the other way around
  • Using sticks and pucks learn skating direction, avoidance plays and shooting.


  • Starting in U8 and on half-ice only, Willowdale blends skills and games following the Hockey Canada Initiation program for 1 hour a week.
  • For the half-ice U8 and U9S (starter) program, players spend 1 week of just skills, then 2 weeks of half skiils/half 4 on 4 games in each 3 week period. Our U8 & U9S players may add Hockey School to their program for an extra fee.
  • In the full U9 program players use half-ice for the first half of the season, and full ice for the second. U9 is the first age group with 2 sessions a week. Willowdale U9 play games on Saturday and practice on Sunday morning with Hockey School for 16 weeks and team practices for 6. 
  • More information on the Modified Ice program is at
  • U10-U13 players use full ice. Games are on Saturday and practices on Sunday. Practices see 2 teams sharing the ice, generally the coaches will co-coach for skills and then accommodate a 10 minute scrimmage at the end. A few times each season a Powerskating instructor will take the session to help with skating skills.
  • On Monday evenings, our U14-U16 players enjoy a 1 hour game. There is no formal practice at this age although games start with a good 10 minute warm up to shake of the rust and get muscles and ankles going.


  • Hockey School is pure skills and powerskating training on Sunday early morning.
  • Hockey School is included in the U9 fee and is available for purchase for U8/U9S players.
  • Instructors vary in their specialisms and bring a robust range of coaching to our young players.
  • Every child who attends regularly and gets used to the early hour, develops noticeably stronger skills through the season.


Hockey Canada, the OHF and the GTHL have mandated that ONE parent of every child playing hockey in Canada must complete this one-time on-line program before a player may play organized hockey (U7 and older).

What is SELECT

Some children want to play  more competitive hockey than House League. In most age groups we have a team “Selected” from the House League who will play games against similarly skilled teams from other clubs.

  • The Select program at Willowdale plays all games through the North York Hockey League
  • Players try-out for Select teams. 
  • Select is extra hockey, extra ice time and comes with an extra fee. Teams are self funding and as such the fee will vary. 
  • Connect with the Coach for more information please.

What is VIRTUAL PRO ATHLETE (VPA)? and Why $1?

Virtual Pro Athlete (VPA) provides ‘live’ online hockey skills and goalie training that is interactive and fun (for youth), and convenient and cost-effective (for parents).  Professional coaches demonstrate drills and correct participants in real-time as they build athleticism, skills, and confidence.  Two teams and many players from the Willowdale family have already benefited from VPA programs over the past 8 months.  VPA in Action



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