Player Registration for LTP, House League and Select



$50 Earlybird discount until June 14th 2024, $40 Late Registration Fee September 14th 2024 and later




There is a big red bar at the end of this page – if you’re confident in your registration, you can go straight there!  ALL SELECT PLAYERS register as House League – and are “selected” to play NYHL against other clubs.


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Please review these brief instructions to help complete your child’s online registration

All clubs are now using the new Hockey Canada Registry3.0 (HCR3.0) for Registration. HCR3.0 is the standard across Canada.

If you didn’t do it last season, you will be asked for PROOF OF AGE FOR YOUR PLAYER – PLEASE HAVE A JPEG OR SIMILAR FILE READY (a photo of the birth certificate or passport works!) Please DO NOT use an Ontario Health Card, it will be rejected later.

You will also be asked for PROOF OF RESIDENCE. Again, a photo of your utility or property tax bill, rental agreement or Drivers License works.


New player families need to create an account to login to the system. Returning families will be able to log in using their 2022-23 account.

Once in the system, you will find your child’s profile using their first and last name and Date of Birth.

Only if your child is new to organized hockey will you need to create a record for them “Register a New Participant”. Please do NOT use your child’s email address, we will be using the email as primary communication with you. You will be able to edit the email on the child’s profile if needed.

If your child has played before and you have trouble finding their record, please drop us a line and we’ll help you to find it. This may happen if you’ve registered in the past as Samantha or Sam, as Alex or Alexander or with a chosen English language name. 

Once you complete the Member’s Information, you will need to choose the Division in which your child will play. The name of the division will appear by name and birth year, eg U10 (born 2013), just click the right one for your child. All data in the registration process is pretty self-explanatory. The system will prompt you if you miss anything. Again, we can fix it on the back end if you tell us where you got stuck!

If you’re registering more than one child, you can do it before check out to save time. The 3rd child discount is automatic if you register them all at one time.

Once you’ve worked your way to CHECK OUT, please choose E-transfer or Cheque, or “External Payment” if you will be paying by credit/debit card.  


Payment of Fees is NOT part of the Registration system

Go to the PAYMENTS page to make yours please.

LAST THING: If, after Registration, you get an email from Hockey Canada telling you that your address, or anything else is REJECTED, please get in touch with for help in sorting it out. We’re sorry in advance but will help you through! You can get back into your Hockey Canada account using this link: