House League Registration Is Open

Sunday June 27th – Maybe you heard? Willowdale House League registration is open. The site has been loaded up with the information that we think you’ll need.

We are excited to Welcome you back, or to Welcome you for the first time to our Community Hockey Club. We have all learned to change with the times and this coming Fall will be no different. We expect and hope to get going on Saturday October 16th 2021 but understand that Public Health and Governing Bodies for Canada, Ontario, Toronto will truly dictate the timing. Your child’s health and well-being are at the centre of everything we do. No corners cut. We will be looking forward to welcoming you all to Bayview Arena in October.

Click on the House League menu or any of the links for Registration. It is mostly self-explanatory but if you get stuck or need more information, as always please just ask Happy to help!

See you in October!