Becoming the HAWKS

Wednesday, July 14th – In 1981 the Willowdale Boys Club, which became Willowdale Sports Club in 1988, was granted permission by the Chicago Blackhawks to play competitive minor hockey under their logo and to wear those uniforms with pride. For 40 years, the Competitive divisions of the Willowdale Sports Club organization have done so.

As time has progressed, we recognize and hold a collective understanding of the direct impact that stems from wearing Indigenous imagery. Willowdale is represented largely by young players who themselves have asked about the images on their jerseys. After 40 years it was time to find a new and exciting identity.

Since March 2019. the Willowdale Board and Club Members have worked to build our new identity; to continue to recognize our association with the generous sharing from the 1981 Chicago NHL Club; and to recognize our hockey-community’s responsibility and spirit in promoting respect, fun and fair play.

Beginning in the 2021-22 season and for the foreseeable future, the Willowdale competitive teams are excited to play as the WILLOWDALE HAWKS.  Go HAWKS!